Does town get best value from Airbourne?

Now the smoke, vapour trails and excitement of Airbourne have faded for another year, I am minded to ask: what is the real benefit of this annual extravaganza to the town?

In this era of open government, it would be really interesting to see audited income and expenditure accounts for the last three Airbournes, for we have seen in the columns of this newspaper that the event brings an astonishing £30 million into the town.

From a brief and informal straw poll of retailers and businesses in Old Town, Meads and the town centre, it would appear that turnover is, if anything, reduced during this period, being affected badly by traffic congestion and parking problems.

I am by no means against the event – I am just seeking some transparency for the council taxpayers of the true financial implications year on year, particularly in the light of the absence of a major sponsor.

Jack Revell

Macmillan Drive.