Documents should be studied carefully

THE public consultation document on the future provision of general surgery, orthopaedics and stroke services has now been published.

It is a significant document and should be studied carefully.

These proposals recommend very major changes and have the potential to affect every individual within the area and in particular those who may be most vulnerable and frail – both patients and their relatives.

It is, therefore, essential that everyone should take the time to study them and to respond to the consultation with their views.

The Friends of the Eastbourne Hospitals, as a major local charity, has the duty to study these proposals in detail and to give them due consideration.

The Trustees of the Friends will, therefore, listen to the arguments both for and against, and make their views public in due course.

In the meantime, I wish to reassure all of our supporters that the proposals as laid out do not affect any of our on-going projects.

The two major projects for this year are the Endoscopy Suite - currently being built at the front of the Hospital - and an Assessment and Treatment Cardiac Suite to be sited within the DGH.

The combined contribution from the Friends for these will be £440,000.

Importantly the on-going Pevensey Ward project is also unaffected by these proposals.

We also wish to reassure you that we always seek an undertaking from the Trust management that all items that we fund are for use on the DGH site.

We will, therefore, continue with our fund raising efforts to enhance the services at the hospital to the benefit of the local population.

Your support is, perhaps, even more important than ever.



Friends of the Eastbourne hospitals