Do we still need Langney Shopping Centre?

I believe Langney Shopping Centre has been serving the area for approx 40 years, when it was opened it made a vital contribution to the residents of Langney.

During the last 40 years Langney, Hampden Park, the St Anthony’s area, certainly Langney Point, have all grown in size, also the Marina has appeared in this time.

Eastbourne town centre is going through improvements, the Arndale is maybe being enlarged also parts of Terminus Road could be pedestrianised, this is being done I imagine to encourage more out of town visitors, and to offer the residents a much improved town centre to be proud of.

When the Langney Shopping Centre was built we had no Tesco, no Sainsbury at Cross Levels Way, no ASDA ,no Crumbles Retail Park, the Halfords retail area, Morrisons superstore.

So we have an abundance of places to shop. The point I am making is Langney Shopping Centre necessary any longer – could another purpose be found for the area?

JOHN HUTSON, Tenterden Close.