Do shops really draw the crowds?

I AM wondering what exactly one does when a shopping centre looks ‘tired’.

“Oh, you poor jewel in the crown! Let me carry your shopping for you!”

“Have a sit down!” Ah! But it’s been sitting there for 30 years.

The trouble is, the “Mr. Eastbournes” of the town council have gone to builders, when they should have gone to opticians!

Like other towns the planners have done precincts, one-way, ring roads, and indoor shops.

‘Diesel Alley’ was in fact supposed to be a good idea, shifting the buses and bus stops at and opposite the railway station.

Oh! ‘Street furniture’ appeared and banners proclaimed shopping habits.

There’s a lawyer’s maxim ‘lex salus populi est suprema lex’ (the best law is the health of the people).

I wonder, do shops draw crowds, or do crowds draw the shops? I liked the artist’s impression of the future.

There’s a backpacker holding her head. It looks like she’s saying, “What have they done to Terminus Road?”

Andrew Somerville

Upperton Gardens