Do not destroy our precious NHS

I RECENTLY had the misfortune to suffer a severe injury to my knee, and I would like, through your columns, to give thanks for our dear NHS, and the fantastic care I have had both in the orthopaedic department of the DGH and from my own doctor.

The NHS has many detractors but looking on the internet at the blogs of people who have suffered the same injury as me, especially in the USA, makes me realise how lucky we are.

Some people have been bankrupted by the cost of this type of medical treatment, and others have been unable to raise the cost of the operation at all, and have ended up disabled for life.

Let us hope that some here-today-gone-tomorrow politician does not destroy our precious prize of the NHS.

We are sometimes told that the NHS is “unaffordable” but politicians of all parties never seem to have trouble raising money to buy nuclear weapons, or for that matter bailing out the bloated financial sector.

I would also like to pass on my thanks to 720 Taxis.

For some weeks I was in a cast, could not drive, and had to have a London type taxi to get around.

The correct type of taxi always turned up, on time, and with drivers who were willing to help, for a while 720 taxis were my lifeline so thanks for your first class service.

M K Isaacs

Broomfield Street.