Diverting funds from our services

COUNCIL TAX payers say enough is enough. From 2013 to 2014 council tax will be increased because of deficits listed here - and £1 of every £5 of Council Tax is spent on the local government work force gold-plated pension scheme.

The pension deficit across the UK at the present time is £54 billion pounds.

The local government pension scheme assets are £132 billion pounds, but have liabilities of £186 billion to its members.

The local government pension scheme is costing over £300 pa for every family and pensioners paying Council Tax, diverting funds from essential services, such as emptying bins and cleaning the streets.

r In 2011 more than 600 council workforce received £100,000 or more.

r Deficits, some of the top town halls worst hit. Birmingham deficit £1.3 billion, cost per person £1,292.00 pa; Durham deficit £727 million, cost per person £1,424.00 pa; Hampshire deficit £718 million, cost per person £554.00 pa.

r Eastbourne Borough Council, (EBC information office provided local information). Cost of salaries and wages for 2011/12 £10,504,687

r EBC contributions into local government pension £2,006,418. Employees contributions to pension scheme £477,681.

r EBC and Eastbourne Homes pay scales range, £12,500 to £65,000 pa; 2011 to 2012 EBC councillors received £120,000 plus £7,000 to pension fund.

r The average pay for EBC work force £25,000 pa. The average pay in Eastbourne is £22,000 pa.

No longer should we pay into the local government gold-plated pension scheme for those earning more than £20,000 pa.


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