Dismantling land would be tragic

IT IS rather ironic that in the same week that Mr Gove announced his savage attack on state school sport (now back-tracking!) that Wealden District Council announced that 700 homes, and a business centre are to be built on Hindsland, a ready made sport centre for the communities.

What I, and most people who are campaigning to save this prime sporting land, find is how undemocratic the process is, little information (perhaps deliberately!) large corporations and greedy developers using the courts to their advantage.

Worse in this case one authority passing land from one to another, via Brighton University. Rather strange is the weak response by our two MPs, perhaps too busy helping the Tories dismantle the welfare state. Even stranger, so little is said by Brighton University (co-owners!). Head of school Jonathan Doust and his talented sports team have been strangely quiet.

Are they worried about their jobs if they speak out?

Surely their ethos is to encourage sport, and its mass appeal to all ages. To dismantle this beautiful sporting land, to make way for clinical housing that will remain empty for years is tragic.

Ian Turner

Prideaux Road