Disgusting state of the town’s pier

AN open letter to Eastbourne Borough Council:

Although I live in Eastbourne it is some time since I visited the pier.

When I did so last weekend I was appalled at its dilapidated state. Not only does it urgently need a good coat or two of paint (above and below the walkway) but in places the wood looks so rotten it looks about to fall down.

The pier is a most important attraction for our town, particularly given the fate of piers in Hastings and Brighton, and allowing it to fall into such a sad state of disrepair is unacceptable.

It is short-sighted to spend money on good and successful events such as the tennis and Airbourne while neglecting essential housekeeping.

I do not know the ownership or letting arrangements for the pier by the council must retain power to require that it be kept in proper repair and, if not done by others, can and should itself step in.

Are you able to give some reassurance that a programme of work is planned for the near future?

RCVD Perry,

Decoy Drive