Disgusted by this treatment


From: Harriet Fitzgerald

Buckingham Gardens,


Re: the ‘misleading’ rail car park in Polegate. I feel very strongly about this subject.

I parked in the car park next to the station run by the private company, I checked I was in the right part of the car park for long-term commuter parking. This is obviously aimed at people who are travelling by train.

I took a picture of the signage and I took a picture of my car suitably parked in the correct way.

Once on the train I called the number within the 10 minutes allowed and was told that the car park was full by an automated message and I need to move my car. I tried several different options to try and speak to somebody as this was obviously not possible but to no avail.

I received a fine for parking and failing to pay. I appealed by phone and offered to pay but my cheque payment was returned to me and I was advised that I still needed to pay the fine.

I took this further to the independent company they use to escalate appeals. They found in favour of the company as the company are instructed by the owners to only allow a certain number of payments each day for the car park and as this had been exceeded and I was advised by the message service I need to move my car. I lost my appeal.

I work in the public sector and I was rushing to an appointment in order to provide services to our local area. I was disgusted at the way I was treated when I tried to offer to pay and the car park was not full.

I have since witnessed two other people on the phone struggling with the car park company whilst already on the train they must be making a fortune out of this.