Disabled parking not good enough

WITH reference to the letter you published last week from Clive Watson regarding the new arrangements for disabled patients, I writing to totally agree with his comments.

As chairperson for Arthritis Care, Eastbourne branch, I represent my members who have, as a result of these changes, experienced many difficulties.

As patients receiving treatment from the physiotherapy department, the insufficient amount of disabled parking spaces in a call for concern!

The new area for free parking (blue badge holders) is now restricted, unlike the previous arrangement when parking was provided in the main area.

This has resulted in patients having to walk to get to the hydrotherapy and physiotherapy departments. Almost impossible for some patients!

Our association, together with other disabled associations, regularly attend appointments for physiotherapy, x-rays and hydrotherapy. The new parking arrangements are proving to be very difficult.

I am suggesting that before changes are made in the future, discussions with disabled organisations might prove to be more helpful and beneficial to the patients using the hospital for essential treatment.


chairperson for Arthritis Care.