Difficult for voters to understand

I would be very grateful if our local independent press could elucidate a conflict highlighted by two election circulars that have just been delivered.

The Conservative one claimed that “the Audit commission called the Lib Dem council the worst council in the South East and the fourth worst in the entire country”.

The letter signed by our MP Stephen Lloyd started, “I’m thrilled to be able to tell you that your Liberal Democrat council has just been voted the best council in the whole of the South East of England (74 councils)”.

It is difficult for a humble voter to understand how the same council can simultaneously be both the best and the worse in the South East.

I believe the electorate deserve more honesty from their prospective rulers, otherwise an even higher percentage might be deterred from voting.

Your impartial assessment of the facts would be much appreciated by the majority of us who have no access to the relevant reports, and are thus unable to assess the veracity of these conflicting assertions.

I look forward to your clarification of this contentious issue.

Samuel Gray

Pashley Road