DGH: this time you got lucky!

Having seen and read extensive coverage regarding Mr and Mrs Lander being forced to deliver their son at the roadside it is deeply worrying that Jamal Zaidi, consultant obstetrician has accused Mr Vincent Argent (previous post holder at the EDGH) of scaremongering and causing anxiety to pregnant woman.

He patronises us and Mr Argent further by pointing out that the ‘vast majority’ of quick births cause no harm to the baby.

Surely as a medical man Mr Zaidi also has a responsibility to his patient – the mother. I wonder why Mr Zaidi never once mentions the care of the mother? Doesn’t he care?

Pregnant woman – Tear up your plans, instead spend time researching lay-bys on your route to Hastings.

Remember, the vast majority of speedy births result in a healthy baby. Mr Argent does of course know this but I, like literally hundreds of Eastbourne mums know Mr Argent wants what’s best for us too.

Mr Zaidi would do well to read widely available research indicating the direct relationship between birth experience and bonding with a new baby.

The most alarming thing is that he genuinely seems to believe that this was a good a good outcome all round.

No Mr Zaidi, we live in a developed world, you’re trying to mask the issue with nasty allegations and this time you got lucky.


Prideaux Road.