DGH thinking is disjointed

We, the Great British public seem to have poor memories and a lack of courage for the fight.

1)Is there still a law against the misuse of public funds?

2)What became of the money raised from the closure and sale of the following hospitals; Downland, Gildredge, St. Mary’s, Princess Alice, All Saints and Hellingly?

3)Who was responsible for contracts where the senior executives who closed these hospitals had a six figure pay off, some had worked for as long as three years to achieve theses sums? The total cost of these payouts has been about eight million pounds, which is the amount we are told will be saved by the new service reductions.

4)Who was responsible for the cost of installation of the new heliport at the DGH in Eastbourne?

5)Will the heliport be used to fly in to Eastbourne people who have major accidents so that they can be transported by an inadequate road service to Hastings for their treatment?

6)Who will return the one and a quarter million donated by the ‘friends of the hospital’ for the building of a dedicated Emergency room to treat those same casualties?

7)Every trip to Conquest will take out of service for a minimum of two and a half hours an ambulance. What will happen when these are all on the way to the Conquest and there is a major crash?

8)How much has been earmarked for the cost of litigation for the patients who die in transit?

Are the people of Eastbourne happy to be one of those patients who die? (At present seven percent of the NHS Budget).

9) What will happen the traffic problems at Glyne Gap when we add in the cars of all those going to visit relatives in Hastings?

10) Of the alleged 15 people daily who are going to queue up in an orderly fashion for their trip to Hastings, how many will die?

11)Why do we have so many managers? When there were seven hospitals in the town we had four senior administrators, and the system worked rather well!

12)We have 17 orthopaedic consultants, but only two stroke specialists, is that why we are going to be the ‘hot site’ for strokes?

The thinking seems to be a trifle disjointed when the permission has just been granted for yet more housing.

It might be interesting to know how many of the Boards and Departments who are making these decisions live in Eastbourne.

We need strong support for the Save the DGH group, please lobby your MPs and sign up to the petition.