DGH bosses should be sacked

So the East Sussex Health Trust members have happily confessed that services at the DHG are inadequate, even possibly dangerous.

It gives them the excuse they needed to go back to their original plan to move maternity services to Hastings.

If that is indeed the case then the lot of them should be sacked for allowing this situation to happen or perhaps as seems more likely for ensuring that it would happen.

The farce of the extrordinary board meeting held on Friday said it all. Produce a transparently biased report carefully ignoring any uncomfortable facts.

Give your team five options but make sure that your preferred option appears to have most advantages and that any disadvantages have mitigating factors.

Not too difficult for any canny marketing man to produce.

Make sure all your voting team are on side and will say the right things when asked and those sheep will follow the leader and the motion will be carried.

Oh, but get some members of the public along so that it can seem all above board.

You can safely ignore any comments, even if they do come from consultants, doctors or midwives, and if things get too hot you can always call time.

Tell them to send in their questions but it won’t make any difference because we are making the decision immediately.

Surely it is time to get rid of these people. Even the thickest of Health Secretaries should be able to see through them.

On their own admission they have failed to follow the advice given by IRP in 2008.

Why otherwise does the DGH have staff shortages, low morale and no provision for the expansion of maternity services that any competent management would have foreseen.

Could it be that someone’s enormous bonus could be at risk unless all these changes go through?