Developers should work together

SO Legal and General hold a gun to the council’s head and say they won’t fund the new shopping precinct, in town, if Prudential are allowed to improve the out of town shopping at Sovereign Harbour.

What silly billies they are!

Or are they looking for any old excuse to teeter on the brink and back off (again)?

Don’t they know one of the rules of marketing is that competition attracts more business, not less?

If (and it is a big if!) each development reaches a high standard, people will want to repeat their good experience, by going to the other shopping development.

The two funders, Prudential and Legal and General, Arndale’s management team and Sovereign Harbour’s retail consortium should be sitting down discussing for mutual benefit who should be sold retail space.

At this point in time with two new projects on the go, with new housing in and outside of the town, the retail industry should be biting off the hand of the developers and their committee. to be allocated space.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see Eastbourne burst out of this recession with optimism and a new and exciting plan?

Have we got an economic development officer? We’ve been given the strategic plan for Eastbourne for the next few decades but when is it going to be implemented?

Who is responsible for getting things moving, is there anyone who knows what to do next?

Eastbourne is a very pleasant place to live but pleasant isn’t everything, a bit of dynamism and style would go a long way.

Shopping is undergoing a major overhaul, people still want and need a support structure when they are buying technical products.

Choice is paramount, sales staff that know their product, another important point. Comparison of different products before your very eyes instead of trying to compare their specification and performance on the screen.

People love to shop, it won’t be long before we see their growing numbers and there is definitely room for two, so long as they are good!

JOCELYN McCARTHY, Dominica Court