Details wanted on RAF site

I AM looking for some information on the previous RAF site at Beachy Head, and wondered if your readers have information, maps/plans or photographs pertaining to this site. Of special note I am interested in the demolition of the Guardhouse which apparently took place in 1996.

The reason for my request is that I am putting together a web site detailing all the ROTOR radar sites in the UK, and I’m putting together the finishing touches before its release in the spring.

I served as Aerospace Manager (Former Air Defence Operator) in the RAF for 30 years and I am now working as a Software Test Engineer on the E-3D at RAF Waddington.

I have an avid interest in this subject having spent a vast majority of my time in the service underground. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Kevin Lloyd-Jones,

SI & T Flt Functional Area Tester 3, Bryant Building

RAF Waddington

GPTN: 95771 Ext 8627

O1522 728627 or email