Destruction result of national policy

‘TO ENSURE there is no misunderstandings,’ writes the director of strategy of East Sussex NHS Trust in last week’s Eastbourne Herald.

Okay, no misunderstandings. Could he therefore confirm where he lives? Is it Hastings or Eastbourne? The internet says Hastings.

Likewise Dr James Wilkinson, director of urgent care at the East Sussex NHS Trust. Where do you live Dr Wilkinson? Again the internet says Hastings. Correct?

And what about the clinical lead for emergency care Dr Andrew Leonard. Where do you live Dr Leonard? Could you tell us?

In essence, so far, two out of the three doctors who penned their letter pushing for Hastings to be the A&E centre live guess where; Hastings.

Now I don’t know about you but this smacks of personal self-interest to me.

If I am wrong I will apologise on bended knee.

But we, the 100,000 NHS taxpayers in Eastbourne, ought to know if those pushing to destroy our Eastbourne DGH services have a personal vested interested in destroying our hospital services for the benefit of their own at Hastings. Correct?

Also, could we be told why Hastings, with a population of 86,000, deserves the main A&E and Trauma service over Eastbourne, with a population of 100,000?

Common sense dictates, surely, that the larger town needs the larger unit.

Or is some mad logic at work here? Or once again, personal vested interest from members of the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust?

Of course, as they rightly say, the destruction of Eastbourne DGH is “a result of national policy”.

We all know, I assume, who is setting this “national policy”. Is this what we all voted for at the last election?

I cannot remember any political party saying in their manifesto “vote for us we are going to downgrade and destroy the Eastbourne A&E and Trauma service that you have and are all paying for”.

I thought we were promised no top down NHS reform?

Maybe someone can show us the mandate that overrides this promise.

Or is this another ideological hair-brained scheme that will prove to be a disaster like the austerity/economic supply side nonsense we are all currently enduring.


Harbour Quay