Despite budget I’m an OAP in clover

I HOLD no brief for the coalition government. I voted for neither party involved. But I believe the effect of both on this year’s Budget has made it one of the most appropriate in years.

And I say that as an OAP.

When the coalition government came in, the country was in hock, thanks to Gordon Brown, to the tune of £260 a minute.

We all remember the abject seriousness on George Osborne’s face when he left no 11 to present his first Budget.

I braced myself for the expectation of losing my bus pass, all – not just a fraction – of my winter fuel allowance, and council tax benefit.

None of that happened.

Without all the figures in, I estimate that my total income for the current financial year will amount to £9,129.

In common, therefore, with 50 per cent of all pensioners I shall not be affected by the allowance freeze.

Were I to be so, I should count myself lucky to be in a position of liability for any extra tax.

At the risk of sounding patriotic – a pejorative these days – I am satisfied by the thought that such allowance freeze is going to help offload the national debt by £3 billion.

I much prefer the emphasis to be placed on working people having their personal allowances increased the way they are.

When I compare my position with that of my parents at the same age, and far more so that of my grandparents, I regard myself, even with an income less than £10,000, to be in clover.

EDWARD THOMAS, Collington Close.