Depressingly poor image

THE problems of Terminus Road, Diesel Alley as it was called in 1994, have been well documented but perhaps Congestion Alley describes aptly the main entrance to Eastbourne centre – a truly depressingly poor image.

In succeeding years the Lib Dem-dominated council have debated the problem and prevaricated.

Opportunities came and went, transport problems have intensified – and still no solution.

The Borough owned and administered the only remaining bus fleet in the UK.

During those years they could have planned for an alternative centralised venue for travelling in and out of Eastbourne centre.

The Enterprise Centre, close to the station, would have been a feasible plan.

Stagecoach, for long distance travel, has had a pick up point within the precinct of the station for many years.

Council shelved that possibility by selling off the franchise and ownership of their fleet of buses at a knock down price to a mostly owned French company and absorbing the money into the council coffers.

When County Council, which has senior councillors from the Lib Dem and Conservative council in Eastbourne, as well as other councillors from East Sussex represented on its administrative body, went out to consulting the residents of Eastbourne on increasing the parking meters to attempt to restrict the road congestion, the Lib Dem Eastbourne council vehemently opposed the plan.

Beryl Healy, the mayor, and another councillor travelled up north to inspect a Park and Ride system for a city – nothing came of that either.

Thus a solution to excessive use of residents working in the centre of Eastbourne has intensified the problem of congestion and air pollution.

It has been a cause of considerable anger from traders and car users who have had to pay for parking meters, and County Council has taken all the blame since they are responsible for controlling roads and pavements in this town.

Other towns and cities have controlled density with parking meters.

On top of the enigma of how to solve Diesel Alley the council has produced a second consultation to re-invent the Victorian planned town by the first Duke of Devonshire.

The former plan was produced a decade ago and shelved by the Lib Dem council which has controlled the administration of this town which has been costly to ratepayers and will be hugely so in the future.

This spring David Tutt, the very influential leader of the Lib Dems, brazenly goes to public newspaper readers justifying the council’s decision to not only close the Bandstand temporarily but knock down the Wish Tower restaurant without correct council procedure for the delayed assessment of the structure.

Eastbourne council is responsible for proper maintenance of all public assets notably the theatres, the Towner Art Gallery in Manor Gardens including the Bandstand and Wish Tower restaurant and of course the prestigious Devonshire Park Tennis complex.

During the succeeding years this council have failed dismally to maintain in good working order their responsibility to administer efficiently their duties.

The future intentions of council will destroy the very fabric of this once gracious Victorian seaside town.

Only ratepayers who care can oppose this headlong folley.


Furness Road