Demolition defies all reasoning

I WRITE to fully agree with the letter from Colin Bullen (January 4) regarding the deterioration to the attractions in Eastbourne.

I too have been visiting Eastbourne for more than 50 years and loved the town so much I retired here 10 years ago.

In those 10 years there have been many changes to the facilities and attractions and sad to say I can see nothing that has been an improvement. In fact, all I have witnessed is destruction.

In the past year alone we have had the beautiful hedges in Helen Gardens destroyed in order to create a cycle path for a handful of cycling fanatics; Manor Gardens destroyed to build a skate park for a handful of youngsters; and the latest disgrace regarding the demolition of the very popular and excellent Wish Tower restaurant defies all logic and reasoning.

I, along with many thousands of residents and visitors, have eaten at the Wish Tower restaurant regularly since it was opened in the 1960s. It was in need of decoration and replacement carpeting and the toilets needed updating, but I had lunch there the day before it closed and it was in nothing like the poor condition claimed by the council and portrayed in the media.

If it is really now suddenly in such a bad condition it must have happened after the return of the keys from the tenants to the council and must have been caused by vandalism either with or without the knowledge of the council and should have been protected.

It is now to be demolished, which was obviously the council’s intention all along - but for what purpose?

It was an ideal building for its purpose, catering for customers who simply required a cup of tea up to those wanting a three-course meal, at a reasonable price, or if one just wished to shelter from the elements to read or enjoy the view this was quite acceptable. Where do we go now?

It will obviously be many years, if ever, before a replacement is built and even then I guarantee it will be some eyesore serving fancy-dan food and drinks costing a fortune and of no interest to the older resident or visitor.

I see councillor Tutt says the restaurant was a tired 1960s building that should be demolished. A large proportion of the residents and visitors to Eastbourne are tired and built well before 1960 - quite obviously this council would like to dispose of us as well!


Cliff Road