Delighted with all the extra channels

HOW dismaying to read about the disenchantment (Herald, June 22) of some local viewers with Freeview TV!

Like your correspondent from Peppercombe Road, we have been receiving our Freeview signal from the Hastings transmitter for some time but haven’t had any problems with the recent ‘switchover’ and still receive the full selection of channels.

If viewers have lost channels I suspect they haven’t re-tuned their digiboxes and TV sets, it is vital to do this!

I have needed to do so three times now since the switchover, it is easily done with your remote control and only takes a couple of minutes.

It is not true (to put it politely!) that the Heathfield transmitter is now ‘jamming’ the signal from Hastings and I reckon your correspondent must have been told that by a cowboy!

We are delighted with all the extra Freeview channels, the service doesn’t cost a penny (apart from the universal TV licence) and with the excellent picture quality I think it’s a pretty good deal; so does my senior citizen mum who’s a wizard with the remote control!

I sympathise with those who were satisfied with the old analogue service and now feel robbed; perhaps it would even be nice to return to the good old days of black and white TV with two channels that we selected with a bakelite dial, but we can’t reverse progress and to put it in an apt way, we have to “get with the programme”.

The help and support that’s available is being widely advertised.


Manor Road, Hampden Park