Delighted and disappointed...

I was both delighted and disappointed with your front page report that Wealden District Council’s Planning Committee South had deferred the application to build another supermarket in Hailsham.

Delighted they had referred the application, I only hope that the deferment becomes permanent.

My disappointment is caused by Cllr Jo Bentley claiming credit for Hailsham Town Council Planning Groups rejection of the proposal as it was the previous Town Council’s Planning Group with the majority of its members from the Hailsham Independents who actually objected to the scheme on March 17.

In your final paragraph you report Cllr Bentley saying ‘... and the residents of Hailsham know they have councillors who will defend and seek improvement to their town ....ensure the voice of the people will be heard’.

In fact Cllr Bentley and her group are reducing the chances of local people being heard by reducing the number of committees within the town council, denying the public a chance to address the members of the now defunct Environment and Leisure Committee and Burials and Property Committee which allowed the public opportunity to address the committees at the start of each meeting.

It would be to much to hope for honesty and transparency from the Conservative group on Hailsham Town Council as that same group showed no honesty in its election publications.

J. Hulbert

Park Close