Deer just carried on to Westham!



Rattle Road

Regarding Annemarie Field’s column in last week’s Herald and Westham Village Pond, my family have had homes in Westham since 1974 and I have to agree with her and her friend Nigel that deer would be most unlikely to eat the wetland plants around the pond. But, myself, my husband and neighbour all saw a deer at the same time, mid afternoon approximately three years ago in the field between Rattle Road and the railway line. It was grazing happily and the next day it had moved on.

About a week later Trevor Weeks at the Wildlife Rescue Ambulance Service rescued a deer from a business premises in Eastbourne – possibly the same deer – and released it on the Downs as reported in the Herald at the time.

Deer regularly use the Cuckoo Trail as a means of moving around. This deer just carried on to Westham!