Dead people’s clothes label is simply degrading

One of Eastbourne's busy charity shops
One of Eastbourne's busy charity shops

I READ every week on your letters page comments degrading charity shops. The latest “another shop selling dead people’s clothes”.

As a charity shop manager in Eastbourne I do take exception to this comment.

Charity shops do not sell ‘dead’ people’s clothes, and in fact, the stock used is rarely from this outdated, cliched source.

Beyond the stock itself, we take on teenagers wishing to do voluntary work for their Duke of Edinburgh award, train and give confidence to people who have never worked, many of whom move on to paid jobs.

We give company to people who have lost partners or loved ones, which gives them a purpose to their lives. To the vulnerable – we give a place of support and understanding when no one else will give them a chance.

People that donate know that their items will help fund a cause near to their hearts and the staff and dedicated volunteers raise money for a charity that one day any of us might need.

So next time you walk past a charity shop, just remember, each of us is a community in our own right.

Without us landfill sites would be fuller, the funding for our charity would decline and our wonderful volunteers would be a lot lonelier.


Manor Way, Polegate