Daughter’s care at DGH fantastic

Our daughter Katie, who has a learning disability and autism, attends the special care dental clinic and it was they that had referred her to the DGH for dental treatment under a general anaesthetic.

On Monday September 26, with fear and trepidation, we took Katie to the DGH. She does not take kindly to waiting about and we have had previous experiences which have been extremely stressful both for her and us, as parents.

However, on this occasion, we had no need to worry as she had been referred to the specialist dental team and were greeted in the Day Surgery Unit and immediately taken through to the ward where Jane Osborne, the disability liaison nurse, took over Katie’s care.

Although the appointment was set up for dental treatment, we were informed any other necessary procedures could be undertaken at the same time and, therefore, in consultation with our GP, Dr Karen Leeson, blood tests and a removal of a cyst were also organised.

Therefore, a multi-disciplinary team came into play with the dental surgeon, Mr Brader, Mr George Evans, consultant surgeon, and Dr Trevor King, consultant anaesthetist, who was the lead in Katie’s care.

Following sedation, Katie was monitored by Trevor and Jane and, so as not to distress Katie by moving her to theatre to be anaesthetised, Trevor undertook this procedure where she sat and she was then transferred to theatre. At all times during Katie’s two hours in theatre, we were constantly kept informed of her progress and, on her return to the ward, Jane and another nurse were always on hand.

Congratulations to the DGH for implementing this excellent service and to the specialist team and their colleagues who made it all happen so smoothly.

This just goes to show that, with some thought and consideration, dedication and the willingness on behalf of a few, a difference can be made in the lives of people with a learning disability.

Jill and Patrick Parker

Wannock Avenue