Dad wanted people to access Wish Tower

I AGREE that the Wish Tower Sun Lounge and Cafe should not be demolished until the council can show with certainty by what it will be replaced.

The Wish Tower Sun Lounge and Cafe could only be built because my late father, Councillor Gilbert Foyle, paid one-half of the cost.

His gift was accepted by the council to fulfil my father’s visions that the people of Eastbourne should have free access to a sun lounge and that a building should be erected suitable to be a memorial to the towns folk who suffered during the last war.

Are the council likely to find any individual or commercial concern with the same visions as my father or will any replacement be a building serving purely commercial interests?

On the very day the council took the decision to demolish the sun lounge and cafe, the council’s official website still carried the assurance that the Sun Lounge and Cafe building would be repaired and restored in time for it to be reopened for Easter.

This sudden change of plan scarcely suggests that the council first took appropriate advice from architects and structural engineers as to the state of the building and the costs of repairs?

The scaffolding in front of the Congress Theatre for upwards of eighteen months reminds us that assessing appropriate repairs will often require considerable time and expertise.


St John Road