Cyclists should show respect

Your article about the new crossing at Cross Levels Way being welcomed by ‘Bespoke’ is accompanied by a picture of cyclists using the crossing and comments about the difficulties they experience.

I was always under the impression that zebra and pelican crossings were for the use of pedestrians. As a car driver/pedestrian I get very annoyed by cyclists who ride along the pavements and across zebra crossings and their demands for a cycle path along the seafront which is a ‘promenade’ intended for walkers.

If cyclists rode on the roads, which is where they are supposed to be, they would not need a pedestrian crossing to get where they want to be. How many of them have had appropriate training or read and obey the highway code?

When will the needs of pedestrians be respected and the pavements and crossing be safe for them?

Pedestrians have rights too but, as always these days, it is the minorities who shout the loudest who sweep aside conventions for their own selfish aims.

Cycle paths are now provided in ever growing numbers, I respect their right to use these lanes and the roads, but those who break the law by riding where they shouldn’t show no respect for the elderly, blind, disabled, young children ,animals or the law.

It is time they were made to.

BRYAN FARMER, Haystoun Close.