Cyclists need better provision

DO WE need a death before we do the obvious and build more cycle tracks?

Last year I had a month in Holland and have recently returned from visiting the Baltic States. There are cycle tracks everywhere!

A coloured strip indicating a cycle path alongside a pedestrian path was adequate and everyone respected the others needs.

I write not as a young cyclist but as an OAP who unfortunately cannot walk well but still enjoys exercise on my cycle.

My elderly friends have cycles in their garage, which they do not use because of the danger of fast moving vehicles on the road.

What a pity.

We would love a cycle path along the seafront, also into town. It only needs some street furniture removed, proper signage and a coloured strip to indicate a cycling zone to utilize many pavements for walkers and cyclists to share.

It was short sighted of town planners not to think ahead and widen some areas around the Redoubt when the new sea defences were installed.

However, there is no excuse not to have a path tomorrow at the Meads end of the promenade.

Come on Meads OAPs, get your bikes out and stay healthy cycling in the sunshine.

Cyclists should not speed of course, or go out at night without lights and they should have bells, possibly helmets, as responsible ones do. So why, again, should the majority suffer for the irresponsible few? Very importantly there needs to be a speed limit adhered to with an on the spot fine if this is abused.

Life isn’t perfect but I still believe that people learn old-fashioned courtesy by example and co-operation.

Louise Jones

Wish Road