Cyclists have no consideration


From: Ron Spicer

Meadowlands Avenue

I write to draw attention to inconsiderate cycling by groups of cyclists within the Eastbourne area.

Many cyclists don’t show proper care and consideration when using our roads and ride two or more abreast instead of keeping to a single file to afford proper safe passage past them by motor vehicle users.

Maybe they don’t consider the law, so, perhaps it will benefit them to know that under Section 29 of the Road Traffic Act, 1988, if a person rides a cycle on a road without due care and attention, or without due consideration for other road users, they commit an offence, and I, for one, from now on will consider using that empowerment under the Road Traffic Act to take proceedings against such careless or inconsiderate actions by any of those cyclists. My reason for such a declaration being that, together with many other car drivers, I have come to the conclusion that it is the only way to deal with such inconsiderate persons who seemingly deliberately obstruct the passage of motor vehicles.

We have been captured by the cyclists’ organisation in Eastbourne on the subject of general cycling provision, resulting in much cash with the provision of the white line system, including much of it being an awful complete waste by our council, and whilst cyclists deserve to have the best possible chances of riding without the fumes and inherent risks found on our roads today, many are now indulging in riding methods that don’t comply with the reasonable attitude expected of their general activities. Not good for their future cause.

Since over half a century ago I have been trying to get our local councils to provide for a cycling/pedestrian pathway from Hampden Park to Eastbourne through our parkland, separate from motor vehicles and their inherent danger as well as their noxious fumes, in an effort to encourage safe cycling in at least one particular area and there is very strong evidence of the need for such a provision but alas, as forecasted a few years back, our councils have not only failed to create such a facility but have not been truth abiding, and we will see that the argument for such a provision is becoming no longer financially attainable. Too, the cycling representative organisation in the Eastbourne area has recently argued that the car parking on the seafront roads should be abolished and a cycle track be installed along that route. Yes, preposterous, but that seems to be the one-way thinking within the minds of our local cycling population representatives; the general public of Eastbourne is up against an insular mindset that sees no further than the cyclist so there is no wonder that disregard of normal practice is being made. Further, that organisation originally failed to support the provision of a cycle track between Hampden Park and Eastbourne. Challenged on the matter, it then issued information three years ago accepting the proposal and supporting it. There has been nothing supportive heard from it about such a matter since.