CYCLING: We should vote on issue

The council appears to be progressing the controversial seafront cycle route on the basis of a mandate from “more than 70 per cent of the public voting in its favour”.

If this is on the basis of the public consultation in which responses were counted from just those who felt strongly enough to voice their opinion, then this is a totally false impression.

The well-organised minority cycling lobby group will naturally be more motivated to respond.

The true picture will only be obtained by a vote on this important issue by all those on Eastbourne’s electoral register.

As the proposal involves abolishing a byelaw, as in all changes in law, I would suggest that the right to vote on this be restricted to those of voting age. Children’s views would still be taken into account, but through their parents.

The council will of course reject this proposal on the grounds of cost, but surely this needs to be set against an investigation into the adverse financial effects of the proposal, including reducing Eastbourne promenade’s attractiveness to visitors.


Pashley Road.