Cycling pressure groups are selfish and short-sighted

Regarding the “Bespoke battle through the rain for cycle path protest” article (February 15).

I am continually amazed and angered by cycle pressure groups such as Bespoke, which have a selfish, short-sighted, dogmatic approach to members’ insistence that cyclists should be able to cycle everywhere on what are in effect pedestrianised areas.

My main concern is the seafront prom. A shared use footpath is now available to them from the Wish Tower to the Downs, at most times a very pedestrian-free footpath but that just isn’t enough for them.

They are still banging on about their right to cycle on the seafront promenade from Fishermen’s Green to the Wish Tower. Both lower and middle levels of the promenade are very heavy with pedestrian traffic and some parts of it are quite narrow and are totally unsuitable for shared usage.

Cyclists should never be allowed on this section of the prom. I can just see it, cyclists whizzing up and down admiring the view instead of looking where they’re going – accidents will happen. The cyclist will be OK in their helmet and other cyclists armour – the pedestrian will not be so lucky.

How does Brighton Council, famous for being “green” deal with cyclists on the seafront? They do not allow cyclists near the lower prom, like ours it has heavy pedestrian traffic sprinkled with cafes and seating areas.

Where do they put their seafront cycle path? Right next to the road, out of the way of pedestrians where it belongs!

PETER SMITH, St John’s Road.