Cycle plans on the right track

WHILE other Sussex seaside towns are investing in safe and pleasurable cycling, Eastbourne really is behind the times.

We have a great promenade but no cycling allowed west of the Fishermans Green and cyclists - often families with young children - have to manoeuvre along the busy seafront parades, squashed between parked cars and heavy traffic.

Recently I cycled all the way from Shoreham to Brighton Marina.

The cycle path, much of which is right along the seafront promenade, is not very wide but it is extremely effective - a different colour surface so it’s highly visible and with excellent signposting.

We were there on a Sunday, the promenade was busy, yet there was room for everyone - cyclists looked out for pedestrians and pedestrians respected the cyclists - everyone was having a good time.

There’s now a proposal for a cycle path at the Meads end of town, alongside the main road.

There are three levels of promenade towards Holywell and it’s a shame we can’t have a cycle route on one of the lower levels, which would be great for family cycling.

But at least this proposal is better than nothing, and it’s great that our borough council is at last trying to do something.

I live in hope we will one day have a joined-up cycle route all the way from Pevensey Bay to Holywell, and at least as good as Brighton.

Alison Attwood

St Lawrence Way