Cycle challenge to authorities

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REGARDING Jane Schulze’s letter (Herald, December 16), I have been cycling every day for the last six weeks, on the front, from Holywell to the pier.

I am waiting for someone (hopefully on the council) to tell me I should not be.

My reply would be “Why?”

Why? When cycling is allowed (in parts) east of the pier and to Sovereign Harbour.

Why? When far more dangerous is the curse of the dog-walker with the extending lead - these leads give no control over a dog darting across the entire width of the promenade; the owner feels they have control but they do not.

I have sounded my bell several times to the invisible lead.

If cycling is forbidden, these leads should be too.

I request a council spokesperson gives an official reply to my and Jane Schulze’s comments, through these pages.


Upperton Road