Cutting maternity services in Eastbourne is not an option

Eastbourne is a growing community and maternity services, especially one as good as we have here, are an essential part of that community. This is not an area that can have cuts made to it. It is out of the question.

Maternity services are not something that can be equated with accountants’ logic or managerial jargon. Babies do not appear between 9am and 5pm. They are not born to a pattern or routine. Each birth is different and non predictable.

What may seem to be a straightforward birth can in five minutes change into a nightmare that needs a properly trained consultant to take care of or the baby will die.

No ifs or buts here, the baby will die and the family will be in grief forevermore.

It is essential that in a growing large town like Eastbourne that we have a properly run 24/7 Maternity unit with qualified consultants and support staff to hand 24/7.

Shortage of staff is a management failure of not procuring and training efficiently.

If this has happened, perhaps it’s the management that should go and not the consultants.

As a town we have been through all this fright before. A two year study was made and in 2008 The Secretary of State for Health agreed that we needed a properly run 24/7 Maternity Unit here in place.

The plan has obviously been that there was to be study after study until some yes person told our NHS trust - paid for out of our taxes - were told what they wanted to hear and they made their cuts on a soft target.

Cutting maternity facilities in Eastbourne is not an option!

G ARMSTRONG, Vicarage Road.