Crime links to drugs and alcohol

AS a former magistrate in Eastbourne, I am delighted to hear through county councillor David Elkin that East Sussex County Council is supporting a range of recovery groups to help people with drug and alcohol problems that are being set up report in last week’s Gazette).

So many defendants come before the courts because they are addicted to alcohol or drugs and turn to crime because of the need to feed the habit so this additional help and support is really good news for them.

Through self-help and encouragement from others who have been down this road, it will add to the Drug Rehabilitation and Recovery Programme already provided by the Probation Service.

When people with drug and alcohol problems are desperately trying to kick the habit they really need on-going support and people with first-hand experience know exactly the difficulties they go through.

So it is good to hear the county council’s Safer Communities Team is co-ordinating these new groups with the East Sussex Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT).

In Eastbourne it is PEER (Providing Eastbourne with Effective Recovery) and I really hope this additional avenue of support and education will help those affected by addiction.

As a Christian I know there is help and support from many church groups and organisations in Eastbourne for people with addiction problems, but it is important to make the public aware of new initiatives of available help which, in turn will help their families.

We want to see a drug and alcohol dependent free culture for our young people growing up, don’t we? So let’s support all the good things that are happening out there in Eastbourne to bring help to those who really need it.

Councillor Annabelle West JP, Upperton Ward, The Goffs