Credit to the organisers for an informative and interesting Brexit debate in Eastbourne


From: Nadia Sak

Faversham Road

In a week when the government is in turmoil over Mrs May’s Brexit proposal you would expect Stephen Lloyd to take the opportunity to clarify his stance on the issue in front of a large gathering of his constituents.

However, he, along with our previous MP Caroline Ansell, declined the invitation to be on the panel for the Brexit debate that was organised by Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce last Saturday.

The 300+ audience voiced their opinions on how Brexit was being handled and the affect it will have on the town, and asked questions to the panel which consisted of representatives from local business, local Labour and Lib Dem politicians and the Labour peer Lord Adonis.

Credit to the organisers and the panellists who facilitated an interesting and enlightening evening.

Lloyd and Ansell were widely criticised by those present for choosing not to be part of the debate and their non-attendance was rightly perceived as a dereliction of their duty.

Either they are not interested in listening to the views of local people or they are not prepared to defend their own stance on Brexit, or both.