Cows can be unpredictable


From: Barbara Selby

Victoria Road

I read with interest Don Cormack’s letter in last week’s paper and his encounter with cows chasing him in a field.

As children we were taught to give them their space especially if they had calves with them.

However, cows can be very unpredictable and I can remember a story my father told me years ago with a similar theme.

He said he was crossing a field and these cows lined up at the end of it before charging at him full pelt and he had to dive into the hedge to save himself!

My own experience was less threatening, but intimidating none the less!

I was out walking alone at Exceat and climbing uphill, pausing for breath I turned round to admire the view and idly watching a farmer moving his herd, as I thought into the next field.

I soon realised how wrong that was, for they turned in my direction, and covering ground very quickly soon came charging up the hill.

Making a split second decision I turned away, keeping my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t be trampled underneath, as I slowly plodded on.

Fortunately they divided equally each side of me as they passed, completely surrounding me in the middle.

It was a little unnerving at the time though!