Councillors do respect the fallen

IN a pre-election hand-out printed by the LibDems, as part of their election campaign, the candidate Hugh Parker wrote “I was appalled the Polegate Residents Association (PRA) councillors do not oppose building on the land which was given to the people of Polegate in memory of our dead from the First World War.”

Setting aside the fact that the statement is inaccurate, no developer ever submitted a planning application for a medical centre to be built on that land, so there was no “building on the land” to oppose, the implication contained in Mr Parker’s statement is that the PRA have collectively failed to respect the land given in memory of those from Polegate who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

I take great exception to that comment in that my family lost two men, one being my maternal grandfather, in the Great War and another during World War II.

My father, as an Irishman was given the opportunity to return to Ireland for the duration of World War II as many Irishmen did, he chose to stay in England, enlist and fight for Great Britain his adopted country, which included landing at Normandy and going through to Germany.

I, and I know I speak for my fellow PRA councillors, do and always will, respect the fallen.



President, Royal British

Legion, Polegate Branch