Council tax woes in Seaford

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Having just received my Council Tax Demand Notice once again it shows that Conservative-led Seaford Town Council increasing their tax by 3.1 per cent whilst all the other authorities show a nil increase.

If they were true Tories they would be reducing it.

I am sure readers will remember the so called one off increases 33 per cent in 2010/11 for the planning application for a grandiose golf club building and last year’s 9.5 per cent for the one off Queens Jubilee celebrations. If these were truly one off the Council Tax should be reduced the following year not increased.

Since 2009/10 Seaford Town Council has increased the Council Tax by 54 per cent whilst the others have only increased their share by three per cent.

Seaford Town Council is borrowing nearly £1.8 million from the public works loan board for it Golf Club house scheme underwritten by Seaford Council Tax payers.

This also includes having to pay for the making up of part of Southdown Road to County Council adoptable standards. However if you complain to the town council or the councillors about the state of the roads or pot holes their standard response is that not our problem it the county council’s.

How Conservative Minister Eric Pickles can approve such lending after all he has said about councils owning and running golf clubs beggar’ belief.

Appendix A of Seaford’s Town council’s income and expenditure golf course report 2012-13, gives a projected out turn for 2012-13 of £10,492. However if you take the rent off of £5000 paid by Air Traffic control for their facilities which is nothing to do with golf the profit outcome is a £5,492.

The town council’s business plan must show a lot of speculative hospitality income competing with other unsubsidised businesses in the area which need to have a return on their investment to survive. Golf clubs are not a social service that needs subsidising by the tax payer.

Even if the financing cost is covered it will deter other investors in the hospitality industry to invest in Seaford and put a squeeze on existing ones because they cannot compete.

Increased overheads will probably cause further Council Tax increases during and after the building is completed.

JOHN A BAILEY, Rother Road, Seaford.