Council tax payers still picking up tab

ONCE again in the Eastbourne Herald’s letter pages dated June 22, Dorothy Forsyth still doesn’t condemn that council tax payers will have to pay for the local government pension scheme deficit.

Dorothy states in her letter that it is the accountant’s fault that caused the deficit.

The point I have tried to make is that council tax payers should not have to pay for the deficit in next year’s council tax increase.

My letter last Friday stated what the Head of Pensions Research said that council tax will be increased to fund the local government pension scheme.

Dorothy also mentioned in her letter the different amounts of yearly pensions the work force will receive.

“What about Mrs Keswell?” Mrs Keswell, the managing director of Kent County Council left after 20 months work with a total of £589,165 recently.

Who will have to pay for this? Once again the council tax payer.


Faygate Road