Council shows contempt for business and residents

The local council decision to allow Sainsbury’s to open a new shop on the site of The Drive pub shows once again their contempt for local businesses and residents.

The shops on Albert Parade are an important, vibrant and busy hub for local enterprise and residents. The new Sainsbury’s will almost certainly lead to yet another parade of boarded up small shop units whose owners have been muscled off the high street.

The shops on Albert Parade are locally owned and keep money spent within Eastbourne.

As someone who runs a small local business,and knows many others that do so, it is just accepted that there are a few companies and local businesses that the council gives almost unlimited access to council processes and information, access that can be commercially invaluable. If not in this cosy clique local businesses are treated by the council with at best indifference and at worse antagonism.

The recent example of Tesco being granted a drinks licence whilst a small local shop is denied it is just a mild example of this favouritism.

As both a resident who lives close to Albert Parade and a local businessman I can only look on in sadness at the soulless uniformity the local council is making of our once beautiful town and wonder what are the real motives that lay behind these wilfully perverse planning decisions.


Victoria Drive