Council should offer better over recycling

I was rather surprised when telephoning Eastbourne Borough Council’s Refuse and Recycling unit, to arrange collection and disposal of two single divan beds including mattresses, to be told that they aren’t currently taking bookings for OAP collections until December 17 and that any booking taken then would not be collected until sometime in the New Year.

So at least six weeks waiting minimum.

I realise that the council is strapped for cash but I do find it surprising that they aren’t geared up to offer a better service to older people (I’m 69) who are unable to deal with large, unwieldy household objects that they cannot manage themselves – with or without help from friends and relatives.

It was suggested to me, in quite a helpful way, that perhaps I can saw the beds into smaller pieces and take them to the St. Philips Avenue Recycling centre myself. Probably more of a dangerous activity for many OAPs than trying to lug a whole bed around!

No wonder we see this sort of refuse laying in lay byes, field entrances and on waste ground

Time for change?

TONY CROOKS, Mendip Avenue.