Council should not speculate on club

MRS MOAKES is right to question the need for a new function room at Seaford Head Golf Club where it is proposed to be owned and financed by the council tax payers of Seaford.

As a council tax payer and season ticket holder, I was surprised to read in my season ticket renewal letter from Seaford Town Council that “Seaford Town Council and Seaford Head Golf Club are aware that times are hard and, as such, have not increased the season tickets this year”.

As golfers are not necessarily residents of Seaford, this shows the contempt that Seaford Town Council has for its own council tax payers.

Their council tax increased by 33 per cent for the first abortive planning application for a new club house. This 33 per cent has never been reduced as a one off expenditure so is being charged year on year to pay for this on going extravagance.

So far the reported expenditure is £47,510 in 2010 and now £24,750.

Building cost is likely to be very high with portable building being necessary whilst the redevelopment of the existing site takes place.

In my view the golf club buildings should be ancillary to this small golf course situated in a national park and not some large multi functional building with additional large covered terraces.

Such buildings are available elsewhere in the developed area of Seaford and Eastbourne, or on much larger golf courses.

If the new proposal is approved, no public money should be used and the town council via its planning approval should only act as a facilitator to the private sector.

If the private sector cannot make it work with a business plan and risk assessment based on their vast experience, and adequate safe guards to the residents, golfers and tax payers, then it should be shelved and a more modest approach taken.

Town councillors should not be allowed to speculate with council tax payers money on low priority services.


Rother Road, Seaford.