Council’s approach to Wish Tower is well-measured

I SYMPATHISE with Philip & Sylvia Hague in regards to pulling down the Wish Tower restaurant (Herald, December 2).

I find it most unfortunate that when the Conservatives ran the local council they privatised the Cafe and sold it off.

Look what happened. I’m sure if there was such a budget to rebuild a cafe, it would be done so.

I am pleased the Liberal Democrats (who continue to be careful with Council taxpayers’ money - thank goodness) are at least taking a well-measured response. This, opposed to the audacity of Cllr David Elkin, leader of the Conservative group, who in the Herald article (November 18) said the Lib Dems would sit on their hands, citing Treasure Island.

Having looked into the subject, what do I discover? Ah yes, the Conservatives privatised that too.

Now the cafe has come back into the ownership of the council after the disastrous decisions taken by the local Eastbourne Conservatives, I understand the cafe will use apprentice chefs who will hone their skills.

This in tandem with making the restaurant a first-class establishment in which to eat and enjoy the stunning views - two birds with one stone!

My thanks go to Cllr Neil Stanley and Cllr David Tutt in their sterling work on this, who, rather than passing the buck like the Eastbourne Conservatives, have found a way forward.


Royal Parade.