Council’s agenda is misguided

THE furore over the resignation of former Councillor Andrew Hamilton has pinpointed concerns from many in Seaford that the present council leadership is inadequate.

As a former councillor of the present opposition party, I could be accused of prejudice, but as a present resident of Seaford Central Ward, I am more concerned about the councillors – or to be honest one particular councillor – for that ward.

In my opinion if any councillor should resign, it is Councillor Goodman, who I voted for last May on the basis that he would support Liberal Democrat policies on the town council.

Councillor Goodman had assiduously supported the parliamentary campaign of Norman Baker in 2010 and, as far as I knew, was opposed to the present leadership on the town council.

Since his election to the Seaford Central ward, all that Councillor Goodman has done, in my view, is to renounce his Liberal Democrat colleagues, and slavishly support the present Tory line.

No doubt, he will continue as a “foot-soldier” in the ranks of Councillor Ian White’s motley crew.

We have now seen what Ian White’s real agenda is; not “bread and circuses” as a Roman emperor would provide, but “mugs and golf-palaces”.

Councillor White, during my term alongside him on the council, continually pushed for an extravagant landmark project at Seaford Head golf course – indeed, to my memory, he condemned the former Cheesemur plans for the club-house as “not visionary enough” and voted for a design by a potentially more expensive rival bidder.

Now he supports a Cheesemur design which is supported only in its income flow by projected bookings for outside non-golfing functions, which we have to believe are being presently turned way from the Seaford Constitutional (formerly Conservative) Club.

What this whole scheme for Seaford Head Golf Club needs now is a totally dispassionate view of its prospects and financing, taking into account its position within the National Park boundaries – not a factor which was established, when this project was first mooted by the last administration in 2007.

Otherwise I fear that the council will be saddled by yet another white elephant to parallel, in my view, the unwise purchase of Hurdis House for council offices back in 2001 by the previous Conservative administration in Seaford.


Ringmer Road, Seaford.