Council never owned recreational space

I WRITE with regards to a factually incorrect letter written by Andrew Lower and published in the Herald on February 17.

Mr Lower states that as he understood it “Hindsland was gifted by Polegate Town Council as recreational space for both Brighton University and the local community”.

Contrary to Mr Lower’s belief, Polegate Town Council has never owned the land he refers to and has not gifted the land.

The land was owned by East Sussex County Council and the University of Brighton. It was leased to the Town Council in 1997, who did so on behalf of Polegate Grasshoppers in order they may play there.

Subsequently the Grasshoppers team took up an agreement direct with the county council in 2000.

Should you require more detailed information I would refer you to the East Sussex County Council cabinet minutes of December 12, 2000, agenda item 18.


Town clerk

Polegate Town Council