Council is mean-spirited to close off the Bandstand

As a regular holiday visitor to Eastbourne I am disappointed to see the Bandstand closed off during concert performances in the evening.

I first noticed this two years ago so it is obviously a long standing arrangement, much to the annoyance and frustration of local people and tourists.

I have to say it looks very mean-spirited of the Eastbourne authorities to block off a right of way and stop people walking around in case they should catch a glimpse of a performance without paying for it.

Is this the reason? If people want to go to a concert they will buy a ticket. They are paying for a good seat with a good view and perhaps even a chair under cover. If they do not want to sit for two or three hours they will not buy a ticket. I used to enjoy sitting in the Bandstand and watch people walking round, or stop and listen and then move on. It is part of the culture and spirit of Eastbourne and blocking off the promenade in this way leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Not to mention the unsightly visual appearance of the barricades themselves and the deserted walkways. The council should be looking to give out and not to take away from the pleasure and enjoyment of its people, especially as Eastbourne is a major British tourist destination.

It should be doing all it can for people who have paid good money to visit each year and who are a major source of revenue for the town. When you are in competition with other holiday resorts you should not be shooting yourself in the foot in this way.

I would like for this decision to be reversed and put things back to the way they were.


Greasby, Wirral.