Council is dealing with litter issue

I fully agree with Mr. Skinner’s comments regarding the amount of litter in the copses in Cross Levels Way, and I would like to offer him some grain of comfort in the fact that the council do, I am assured, have the matter in hand.

I, and indeed other concerned residents, have been lobbying them for some time over this matter, and only last week I was assured that, hopefully, specialist council teams would be assigned to clearing all the copses within the next two weeks.

Meetings have also been held in the past between representatives of the council, local college and supermarket in an attempt to find ways of monitoring and reducing littering.

So keep you eyes open Mr. Skinner, and if nothing seems to be happening by the end of this month feel free to contact me and perhaps we ( and anyone else who wants to join in) can further harass the council together!

JOHN SWINGLAND, Gaudick Place.