Council boxed in by poor planning

AT THE consultation meeting of May 23 the council officers were unable to present a convincing case for holding events on Five Acre Field. It came across as a poorly-organised programme of overlapping events requiring last-minute actions such as the late application of an inappropriate permanent multi use licence for the Five Acre Field.

With long lead-in times for the events such as the Olympic celebrations, the annual circus and funfair, I find it difficult to believe the officers’ apparent lack of organisational skills has got them boxed into the current last-minute situation.

Perhaps we need to ask is there a hidden long-term agenda to move all such events from Princes Park to Five Acre.

At this stage it looks as though the officers have positioned us all to either accept a licence for Five Acre or cancel (at a cost) any double-booked events.

If this be so the compromise solution, if one is needed, should be to only grant a single use, one off licence for 2012 only. Either way it is not a satisfactory situation. Objections to the current permanent multi use application need to be made by June 5.


Cochrane Close