Could tragedy have been prevented?

IT WAS distressing to read the article about Mrs White’s death from falling off a swing in the Gazette (June 20).

By coincidence, the rope of my garden swing, which I use briefly every morning when taking the dog out to the end of the garden, had been looking very frayed, after some 18 years of wear, and I suddenly found myself on my back on Monday morning when it finally snapped.

However, I immediately got up without any harm because I landed on grass.

I was surprised to read coroner Alan Craze describe the accident as “wholly unforseeable”.

Eastbourne Borough Council has been replacing all concrete foundations for playground equipment with soft absorbent surfaces for the last few decades.

To prevent further tragedies, Health and Safety could make themselves really useful by advising anyone who still has a swing above concrete to take it down now!


Pashley Road